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  About the ZOO
Dodano: 05.04.2017

ZOO Design Conference

Specialists from all over the world to meet in Poland!
Dodano: 16.02.2017

A zoological world sensation – an aardvark birth in W ...

Of the 1,000 zoos that are part of ZIMS, only 39 keeps aardvarks: 39 males and 51 females. Only 9 cubs were born last year. Aardvarks are difficult animals to breed, that is why the birth in the Wroclaw’s zoo is a worldwide unique zoological occurrence. The extraordinary birth circumstances make it even more special.
Dodano: 05.02.2017

Bird count 2017, done!

On Saturday January 28th, we traditionally conducted a bird count, which is a census of birds. It was done under the watchful eye of an ornithologist and bird keeper at Zoo Wroclaw- Krzysztof Kałużny.
Dodano: 28.10.2016

New residents

The latest additions to our ungulates.


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