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Wild Run at Zoo Wroclaw!

Wild Run at Zoo Wroclaw!

Save African wildlife and run wild at Wild Run at Zoo Wroclaw!

Charity runs have become very trendy. This time you will have an unprecedented opportunity to run across a zoo to save  animals in Africa. DODO Foundation and Zoo Wroclaw  invite you to join the first edition of  the Wild Run 10K,  on October the 7th 2017. Everyone can participate, just sing up at

Africa is rich and diverse in every way. Unfortunately it has been exploited and destroyed without moderation. African wildlife is in great danger as a result of poaching, over-exploitational mining of gemstones, oil and gas, and uncontrolled  urbanization.

The savannah, the deserts and rainforests and coastal oceans are dying, and with them species such as eagles, oryxes, fennecs, colobines, turtles, penguins, manatees and lemurs from neighboring Madagascar.

To preserve diversity of the Dark Continent,  DODO Foundation and Zoo Wroclaw support entire ecosystems, which are homes to rare animal species. To ensure their effort  is effective, DODO and Zoo Wroclaw  focus  their effort  on these wildlife preserves, that have had a  great success in protecting nature.

The run will be held on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 at  4:30 P.M.  The distance is 10 km across the zoo and the surroundings  (minimum age: 16, maximum time of 80 minutes). The winners will get prizes!
The number of participants is limited to  800, so it is good to sign up early at

The WILD RUN will raise funds for  Okapi Conservation Project (Congo), SANCCOB (South Africa), ONG Reniala (Madagascar), African Aquatic Conservation Fund (Senegal).

Additionally DODO and Zoo Wroclaw will be able to launch a  project to protect fennecs  in Morocco.

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