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Summary of the year 2019 at the Wrocław zoo

Summary of the year 2019 at the Wrocław zoo

Animal conservation is the meaning of the zoo!

Over half a million Polish złotys  Zoo Wrocław and the Dodo Foundation donated last year to the protection of endangered animal species around the world. The president of the zoo, Radosław Ratajszczak, thanked the visitors and donors today. Thanks to their voluntary contributions the zoo can help animals around the world.

Opening today's press conference, the president of the Wrocław zoo - Radosław Ratajszczak, said: "The only justification for existence of a zoo today is the protection of animal species." And he develops this activity. Funds raised for this purpose by the zoo and its Dodo Foundation amounted to PLN 579,000 in 2019.The highest amount was obtained from the „Saving wildlife” ticket contributions - PLN 409,000. The remaining 170,000 was donated through:

  • Tax return donations: PLN 13,000
  • Public collections, e.g. donation boxes at the zoo: PLN 62,000
  • Public collection at Zrzutka.pl: PLN 17,000 was collected to help Asian bears,
  • Used cell phones droped off for recycling: PLN 2,100
  • Charity run "Wild run": PLN 38,000
  • Other donations: PLN 35,000

This allowed the zoo and the foundation to get involved in dozens of conservation projects in South America, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, as well as in Europe. Financial assistance was provided to vetted organizations saving little-known species.

- It's easy to collect for such charismatic species as tigers or elephants. However, millions are needed for their conservation projects. Meanwhile, the Visayan warty pig or the Philippine mouse-deer are equally important for nature, and much less resources are needed to protect them. - Ratajszczak emphasizes.

Among the projects the zoo supported were:

  • Construction of a rehabilitation and conservation center for saola and other endangered species in Vietnam - PLN 86,000
  • Construction of an enclosure for Asian bears rescued from bile farms in Laos - PLN 45,500
  • Family education of the inhabitants of the Laotian jungle, including learning new professions not related to poaching, as well as exploring and protecting native nature - USD 10,000
  • Rehabilitation of confiscated pangolins in Laos and releasing them to nature - PLN 13,000
  • Protection of Visayan warty pigs in the Philippines and releasing them to nature - PLN 6,000
  • Protection of clouded leopards and other endemic species in Borneo – PLN 50,000
  • Okapi protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo - PLN 21,500
  • Protection of manatees in West Africa - PLN 10,000
  • Breeding and releasing to the wild turtles in Senegal - PLN 9,000
  • Rehabilitation of lemurs in Madagascar and releasing them to nature - PLN 7,000
  • Rearing and returning to nature African Penguins in South Africa - PLN 8,000
  • Protection of wolf and lynx in Poland - 21,000 PLN

The most spectacular conservation project of our zoo in 2019 was finding a lost species –the silver-backed mouse-deer. This small deer has not been seen for over 30 years. Thanks to our support it has been found. Activities are underway to protect this species, whose number is estimated at 1,000 - 1,200 individuals – adds Radosław Ratajszczak and ensures, that this is not the end of coservation activities. On the contrary, this is just the beginning.


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